Many lawyers have the reputation of being able to give you umpteen reasons NOT to do something.  Few can suggest innovative, creative, legal ways to achieve what business people need to achieve to make their businesses succeed and grow - without becoming pre-occupied, if not obsessed, by risk.  Our clients number us among the few, not the many.


A business should not take unnecessary risks;  but it should not be completely risk averse.  Owners and managers must walk this fine line every day in order to avoid costly legal disputes, while making money and maintaining their edge.


Disputes are an occupational hazard of modern business, and life in general. The best way to deal with disputes is to avoid them by using best practices and seeking the right advice at an early stage.


We work with our clients to provide innovative, commercial solutions to seemingly insoluble commercial problems, while keeping risk to a calculated level.  A small amount invested in the right advice early on can avoid your having to spend a fortune later, unravelling the mess.


Some of the areas where we have extensive experience are:


  • bonds and guarantees

  • drafting and advising on contracts

  • employment contracts

  • growth and survival strategies

  • joint ventures

  • loan documents

  • mergers, amalgamations and reconstructions

  • partnership agreements

  • promissory notes

  • resolving disputes BEFORE they reach the court room