If a dispute goes to court these days, it is more often than not because one party has no interest in compromising.  This can be for a range of reasons, from having an unrealistic view of the issues to simply fighting a defensive action because they have cash flow problems.  Either way, we will try to resolve the issue quickly, at minimum cost.


We practise in all levels of Courts and Tribunals in England and Wales as well as conducting Arbitrations and Adjudications, particularly in Construction Disputes.


We represent claimants and defendants in Commercial and Property disputes including claims against Banks; neighbour disputes over rights of way, rights of light and boundary issues; contractual disputes; injunctions and emergency remedies; disputes between Landlords and Tenants; and cost-effective collection of debts and enforcement of judgments.


We are regularly instructed to seek and resist injunctions and other emergency remedies in the courts, including worldwide freezing (Mareva) injunctions; search and seizure (Anton Piller) orders; and restraining injunctions in Defamation proceedings (Libel, Slander and Malicious Falsehood).


We have a tried and tested network of UK barristers, overseas lawyers and experts in all disciplines with whom we work on a regular basis.




Many of our clients based in the UK and abroad instruct us to advise on and conduct English language International Arbitrations in London or other European centres.


We have experience of dealing with litigation, arbitration and advisory work in Western and Eastern Europe, Qatar, the USA, Canada and Africa.  We regularly look after our UK and international clients' interests by instructing overseas lawyers, and advising on and managing lawyers to conduct Litigation and Arbitration on their behalf in overseas jurisdictions.