Of all legal disputes, divorce is potentially the most bitter, destructive and expensive.  The now fashionable "I'll teach you a very public lesson you'll never forget!" way of fighting divorces invariably causes more harm than good to everyone involved - well, except the lawyers.

With ever more marriages breaking down as economic and social pressures stress-test relationships to breaking point, we are helping increasing numbers of families to cope with the trauma of separation and divorce in a cost-effective, constructive and positive way. 

If you are involved in a separation or divorce, or fear you might be heading for one, or want to discuss a Pre-Nuptial Agreement - "just in case" - speak to us. We may be able to help where others have failed.





Aggressively-run divorce proceedings can lead some people into a fantasy world, like a computer war game, where they believe that all you have to do is push the button, and your lawyer blasts your opponent for all the things he or she has done to you, and then picks up the spoils.  But, unfortunately, divorce is a game with vast emotional and financial costs to both players. 


We bring our commercial skills to family disputes, searching for sensitive, creative outcomes, while keeping unnecessary aggression to a minimum. 


Our aim is that, once the legal process has done its worst, and people have to remove their lawyer from their Speed Dial list, they can return to normality and family life quickly, with fewer of the grudges and recriminations that can have such long term adverse effects on your relationships with your children and their wider family.