We have 30 years experience advising our clients on all areas of law affecting Businesses, Individuals and Families.
Our services and fields of expertise are summarised on the PRACTICE AREAS page of this website.
We can also read and advise upon documents in FRENCH and SPANISH and converse in those languages.
We work closely with our clients, who are UK and Overseas Individuals, and Domestic and International Commercial Businesses and Professional Practices, many of which are household names.  Our overseas clients come from as far away as Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe, the Caribbean, and North and South America.
With Boardmans, you receive advice and representation directly from an experienced senior lawyer, not a junior solicitor or trainee learning on the job - and expecting you to take the risk of providing and paying for his or her learning curve.
Competent, partner-level advice and representation always increase your chances of success, and save you unnecessary duplication of effort, time and money.

We strongly advise mediation in appropriate cases. This can often bring about a faster and cheaper route to settlement than lengthy, expensive, traditional litigation in the courts.

We aim to bring clear, concise thinking to the documents we prepare and the advice we give, rather than fall back on ancient precedents and confusing 'legalese'.

Whether you are a commercial business, or an individual trying to negotiate your way through the complexities of the modern world, we work with you to provide cost effective, creative and practical solutions to your day-to-day problems and disputes.