MARK BOARDMAN - Solicitor of the Senior Courts
On 15 March 2014, Mark Boardman celebrated 30 years of practice as a solicitor.

Before forming Boardmans Law in 2003, Mark spent 14 years working as a partner in major City law firms.  During that time, he acquired a vast wealth of experience in the areas of practice in which we now specialise.
The period since March 1984, when Mark completed his training and was admitted as a solicitor, has seen huge changes in the way lawyers work and the way we assist our clients. Law firms are now computerised and computer literate, and fully conversant with the ways our clients work and live in the 21st Century.
Today's best solicitors no longer live in Ivory Towers and dispense advice from a great height. We are capable of working under pressure in any environment and becoming part of your team.
In the modern world, instead of becoming part of the problem, we take the strain to ease you through the difficult times.